Transition event in MIUI systems

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Recently fixed a bug related to the abnormal behaviour for transition event in MIUI systems. Let’s see the following code.

$("#mypage").one('webkitTransitionEnd', function() {
   // do something after transition event ends

This code works without any problems in most of the Android devices. But when I try this in the devices using MIUI, this code does not execute. After searching on Google and testing, I found that webkitTransitionEnd is not supported in MIUI devices, instead it uses transitionend event. So I changed the script to the following and it works.

$("#mypage").one('webkitTransitionEnd transitionend', function() {
   // do something after transition event ends

Notes (1) – Obtain URL information using JavaScript

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Do you have a practice to jot down some notes for what you have studied or learnt when you are doing your works? I am going to share my notes to you here, hope that they are useful to you as well.
Let’s start from a simple but common one – obtain URL information using JavaScript.

Suppose you are coding in this URL:
If you put the following JavaScript codes to your page

<script type="text/javascript">
    document.write("location.href: "+location.href+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.protocol: "+location.protocol+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.hostname: "+location.hostname+"<br/>");
    document.write(" ""<br/>");
    document.write("location.port: "+location.port+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.pathname: "+location.pathname+"<br/>");
    document.write(" ""<br/>");
    document.write("location.hash: "+location.hash+"<br/>");

Your page will show:
location.protocol: http
location.port: 8080
location.pathname: /demo/helloworld.php ?user=guest
location.hash: #debug

Laravel framework update issue

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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP framework nowadays, and it surely is my first choice in doing projects using PHP. I am not writing about the advantages of using Laravel or teach you using it in this article here, instead, I am going to share with you an updating issue that I have solved recently.

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Visualize ideas – Storytelling

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Storytelling: put audience in the experience and feel the emotion along the story.


storytelling for engagement

Besides useful features, a good product also needs to fit user’s emotional need. When you look carefully at the brands of products you meet everyday, they all give you different sense of feelings, such as what feeling do you have when you think about Google and Microsoft, and what about McDonald’s or Coca Cola. The brand can make you feel it’s joyful, it’s precious, or professional. It’s not just about the feature, like bag is durable, or the shoes are comfortable. The feeling of the audience actually plays an important role.
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Remote Debugging Web Apps on Android

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Starting from Android 4.4, Android introduced a new debugging tool for developers to remotely debug their web apps with Chrome Developer Tools.

In this article, I will give an introduction on how to start using Chrome Developer Tools for debugging. If you are an advanced user already, please visit the official pages for more information. (

If you don’t have a device running Android 4.4 or higher, you can debug your JavaScript using the console JavaScript APIs and view the output messages to logcat, but this is not our main focus in this article.

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Visualize ideas – Visualization with drawings

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Visualization is as simple as drawing a picture, taking a photo, making a map…

visualization by drawing

When you are saying to your boss or teammates that you are making a product, it’s a must that you prepare a presentation and guide audiences to your ideal product. Presentation is the visualization. You could draw as simple as colours, Symbols, lines, and more detailed as videos, diagrams, photos when you talk. You don’t want them to imagine in their way which may be on a different track. It’s easier to draw agreement when people have something to see and can help them visualize your thoughts.

IT projects use wireframes or prototypes for presentation.
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Visualize ideas – Journey Mapping

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Every great idea comes with great planning and lots of experiments. There is a lot of models guiding product planners to build their ideal product. But there is one difficulty that they always meet, and that is the different expectation stakeholders, system engineers and other parties involved.

Managing Expectations

Visualize ideas and align them together. Here I am going to talk about a few visualization tools to help you manage your brilliant idea and keep this idea on the right track.

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