IT glossary with ISO:27000, and free download

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Industrial standards are useful nowadays, providing a best practices to follow and also a common language to communicate. In the IT industrial, the ISO:27000 family is a famous standard about information security management systems.

Let’s review a few useful terms:

  • access control:
    means to ensure that access to assets is authorized and restricted based on business and security
  • authentication:
    provision of assurance that a claimed characteristic of an entity is correct
  • authenticity:
    property that an entity is what it is claims to be
  • requirement:
    need or expectation that is stated, generally implied or obligatory
  • stakeholder:
    person or organization that can affect, be affected by, or perceive themselves to be affected by a decision
    or activity
  • Usually ISO standards cost a lot of money, now it is free for this glossary!

    27000:2014 download

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