Tips for HTML5 Apps

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With the help of PhoneGap, we can create our informative apps in fast and simple ways using HTML5 and CSS3 languages. PhoneGap will create a web view component to render your HTML contents in the app. But this may come out some problems for the HTML5 apps, for example, the text contents can be selected, the images can be dragged, etc. In this article, I will share some tips to prevent these things happen, so that your HTML5 apps can just look like a native app.

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Use Google App Engine to serve static files

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Get a free website hosting using Google App Engine

free website hosting google app engine
Google App Engine (GAE) is a cloud computing platform for web applications. However, you can just use it to serve your static files, such as js, css, html, images, etc. Somebody may think that it is an overkill to use GAE for this purpose, but it is not a bad idea because the service is backed by Google’s data center. If you are looking for free static web hosting service, and you expect the traffic will not be very high (< 1GB per day), GAE may be your choice. Read more