Difference between jQuery attr() and prop()

By Nethru Limited (www.nethru.com)


Starting from jQuery 1.6, they introduced the method prop(). According to the official document of jQuery, the reason they introduced this new method is due to inconsistent behavior when using attr() before jQuery 1.6.

Before jQuery 1.6, the attr() method sometimes took property values into account when retrieving some attributes, which could cause inconsistent behavior.

Someone may ask when we have to use attr() and when to use prop(), this is how the official document said.

To retrieve and change DOM properties such as the checked, selected, or disabled state of form elements, use the .prop() method.

That means they suggest us to use prop() when we are going to get the attributes when boolean result, like checked, disabled or selected.

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Notes (2) – Setup SSL Certificate for your site

By Nethru Limited (www.nethru.com)


If you would like to setup SSL certificate for your website, here are some steps that may help. Before you start the setup process, you have to buy and get a SSL certificate first.

Some common certificate authorities like VeriSign, Comodo Group, GoDaddy, GlobalSign, etc, which have to be paid for a cert, and also StartSSL, which have both free and paid plans.
(For details, please visit their official websites)

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Notes (1) – Obtain URL information using JavaScript

By Nethru Limited (www.nethru.com)

Do you have a practice to jot down some notes for what you have studied or learnt when you are doing your works? I am going to share my notes to you here, hope that they are useful to you as well.
Let’s start from a simple but common one – obtain URL information using JavaScript.

Suppose you are coding in this URL:
If you put the following JavaScript codes to your page

<script type="text/javascript">
    document.write("location.href: "+location.href+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.protocol: "+location.protocol+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.hostname: "+location.hostname+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.host: "+location.host+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.port: "+location.port+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.pathname: "+location.pathname+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.search: "+location.search+"<br/>");
    document.write("location.hash: "+location.hash+"<br/>");

Your page will show:
location.href: http://www.nethru.hk:8080/demo/helloworld.php?user=guest#debug
location.protocol: http
location.hostname: www.nethru.hk
location.host: www.nethru.hk:8080
location.port: 8080
location.pathname: /demo/helloworld.php
location.search: ?user=guest
location.hash: #debug