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Every great idea comes with great planning and lots of experiments. There is a lot of models guiding product planners to build their ideal product. But there is one difficulty that they always meet, and that is the different expectation stakeholders, system engineers and other parties involved.

Managing Expectations

Visualize ideas and align them together. Here I am going to talk about a few visualization tools to help you manage your brilliant idea and keep this idea on the right track.

Journey Mapping: Traces the journey of a customer experiencing a product.

Journey map is similar to a process flow diagram. Every customer or user got a different feeling and behavior when using an existing product. You need to generate empathy for the user because you are making a product for them. When you think like a user, you will find your way to this experience flow cart.

Customer journey map from Paul Kahn (Mad Pow) & Christophe Tallec (Uinfoshare)

Someone might say follow customer feedbacks, solve the problem they complained to you, then it serve the same purpose. Why bother doing Journey Mapping?

Journey maps are wrong. We do not follow the map. It’s for to capture all possibilities and make it clear to the whole team what are the emotion change of customers when they use different functions in the product. If you can organize a clear journey map, your team of development analysis will be sure what customers think and start creating new ways to solve customer needs

Visualization: Coming soon!

Storytelling: Coming soon!

Mind Mapping: Coming soon!

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