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Storytelling: put audience in the experience and feel the emotion along the story.


storytelling for engagement

Besides useful features, a good product also needs to fit user’s emotional need. When you look carefully at the brands of products you meet everyday, they all give you different sense of feelings, such as what feeling do you have when you think about Google and Microsoft, and what about McDonald’s or Coca Cola. The brand can make you feel it’s joyful, it’s precious, or professional. It’s not just about the feature, like bag is durable, or the shoes are comfortable. The feeling of the audience actually plays an important role.

Storytelling technique is a connection that we give to people about a piece of information we are trying to share. A good story is designed for the audience. It’s things your audience understands and your audience knows. Put color in your story and let your audience fit into the shoes as easy as possible. Another advantage is to make all audience looking into the same story and avoid miscommunication.

Who are your audience and what do you need from them?

You need to find out who is your audience, think like them, especially the emotional responses to certain things. If you want them to think like you, you first have to think like them. For example your target audience is a group of ladies, I guess you won’t start your storytelling with sports, guns or video games. You might start with cooking, shopping etc, and gain their interest and bring out the situation and your solution.

Involve your audience and make them your teammates. Make them feel like they are a part of the story. Make audience know how big it is and invite them to join the debate. Then tell them that’s a way to solve it and to invest on it. Storytelling can create energy and passion and excitement around something. It can give a great rise in the level of engagement. One man couldn’t solve the problem, it’s always a team with passion who can do it. Make your audience your teammate and work together for a better solution.

Storytelling can make strategy simple and relatable. Giving in colour, characters. Making everyone, from bottom to top, a same story but with extra passion.

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