Use Dropbox as Git Server

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To setup Git server, many people may suggest to register a free account in GitHub, but free account of GitHub requires your repos to open to public, or you have to purchase for private repos. If you do not want to open your source to public, and you think setting up your own Git server is too complicated, Dropbox may be your solution.

  1. The first thing is you need is to have your own Dropbox account. (If you do not have a Dropbox account, click here to register one)
  2. Then you have to install Dropbox in your computer. (Install Dropbox) After install, your computer will have created a Dropbox folder.
  3. In the Dropbox folder, you can create a folder to hold your Git repos. (In this example, I will create “git-repo” folder)
  4. Create a folder to hold your project. In the project folder, use the following git command to initialize the git repo for this project.
  5. git --bare init
  6. After create git repo in Dropbox folder, go to your project workspace, use the following git commands to initialize git in your project.
  7. git init
    git add *
    git commit -m "initial commit"
  8. The next step is to link and push your project with the git repo in Dropbox.
  9. git remote add origin <dropbox_git_repo_location_here>
    git push origin master
    git checkout origin/master
    git branch -f master origin/master
    git checkout master

Now, your project is initialized and pushed to the git repo in Dropbox. You can share this repo to your teammates using the Dropbox sharing function. By Dropbox, every changes inside the git repo will be distributed to all your teammates when changes are pushed. When your teammates received your git repo by Dropbox sharing, they can clone a local copy for editing and push back after editing.

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