Software testing with V Model

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Software testing is the front door and also the back door in a software development process.
Why? It first happens when users try to develop their user requirement. They would surely need to understand the criteria of accepting a software in the first place, i.e. how could they consider if a software is ready to use?
On the other hand as a developer, besides meeting the user requirement, there is also numerous tests such as load test, security test, performance test to prove the software is ready for production. So software testing techniques could act as the back door of the development process right before the product launch. Here we talk the main concepts of software testing.

Software testing is to evaluate a system or its component(s) to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not.

Software testing objectives includes:

  • meets the business requirements
  • check system errors
  • reveal security loophole
  • identify performance threshold
  • list operational needs

V Model is a common testing technique. It provides two main ideas:

  1. Give verification and validation criteria in each phase. E.g. test scenarios can be made once detailed user requirement is defined
  2. Different levels of testing should be done by different stakeholders. E.g. developers should do unit tests, functional tests; while users should do User Acceptance Tests instead of doing lower level tests which developers should already have done.

Softwar testing with V Model

P.S. Testing won’t be as structured when using agile approach, but it is still necessary

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