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For managing an IT project, there is a well-known standard to software development cycle. Below chart is taken from the HK OGCIO.

Software Life Cycle Model from HK OGCIO

Software Life Cycle Model from HK OGCIO

But to most people, this chart is not understandable and the stages are confusing.

Here is a brief description:
1. Project Request: A business user submit a request to the IT dept.
2. Feasibility Study: The IT dept review on the possibility to make a system to fulfillment business needs.
3. SA&D: The IT dept will plan the program and logic in detail.
4. Implementation: The IT dept will do actual coding.
5. Post implementation review: The business user to accept the system
6. System maintenance: The IT dept will follow up on further bug fixes and usage reports etc.

If you find this chart easy and looks like your daily work, Congrats!! You will have no problem managing an IT project.
If you find this chart useless, and time-wasting, Congrats again!! You have already moved forward to a fast and responsive development cycle.

For business users, they are normally the requestors who have an idea and looking for more IT advice. In this model, they will only need to submit the “project request”, and the IT companies can do the rest.

When you get to know more about this software development cycle, you will be able to split functions and define different phases. You will then be able to take part in some of the stages and planning, and will certainly reduce some of the cost. Basically meaning the cost of an IT project depends on how much effort the requestors can put.

This chart might also gives an idea why an organized and trust-able IT project cost more than expected :p


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